21:51 03-02-2004
oiram oftewel mario
hoi bedankt groetjes uit haarlem.

leuke site.
16:36 20-01-2004
dont by a fool Artactish!!
it is SUPREME.
and your NOT "over reacting".
16:32 20-01-2004
im not going to say this is a great website yadayadayada etc.
but im going to say this is a supreme website, well im over reacting now (just a little bit).
but this web site is isn't like any other cool website i know its better MUCH better!
23:22 17-01-2004
Great site!Love the fast flow and cool design!Excellent art also
13:35 29-12-2003
i really like your pictures
00:13 26-12-2003
Randy Adams
This is fantastic Mone. It's a great site I hope you don't mind, but i'm gonna be telling everyone I know where it's at Hugs Love and kisses from the other side of the marble
22:32 11-11-2003
Nice, nice website.
Beautiful pictures, great!!
Keep on the good work.
21:56 11-11-2003
Fushigi webmistress
Welcome to the guestbook of Visions of Dreams. Post a message if you like.
Requests, comemnts, points that need improvement, i want to hear them all!
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